Media Use Day 4

Thursday I woke up and did my usual rounds on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to see what was new. I’m exhausted and don’t want to provoke my previous migraine any further so I kept the light setting low on my phone, which I used to do this. I use my phone in the morning (unlike YouTuber Trisha Paytas who takes her laptop into bed) because it’s more portable and I can use it while doing pilates exercises.

Snapchat held some news for me this morning. A woman I follow posted a photo captioned ‘horrible what happened in London’ and this led me to use the News app to find out about a horrible terrorist attack in London, UK. An old classmate who recently moved home to England for a year-long internship used the Facebook feature ‘Mark as Safe’ to inform her Facebook friends that she had not been harmed in the Westminster attack. I think this feature is a brilliant idea due to the amount of people on Facebook worldwide and a very wholesome use of social media.

I was arrested shortly into beginning some assignment work on RMIT Library database and Google Docs by the recurrence of hazy vision due to migraine, so I sat for a couple of hours using my iPhone to play the YouTube app to play calming and relaxing content; which is as close as I come to having a nap.

Out of a desire to see photos of the actor Robert Pattinson in his younger, more clean-shaven days, I spent time that evening on Google Images and the Pinterest app on my iPhone. This was primarily to observe his beauty and his portrayal of J.K. Rowling’s wizard wonder Cedric Diggory and Stephenie Meyer’s vampire valentine Edward Cullen. It was also because I was trawling Wikipedia and other blogs such as to read fanfiction on Edward’s perspective of Twilight drawn from Meyer’s unfinished draft titled Midnight Sun.

Meyer is a writer I quite like both in her manner of writing and the emotions her stories stir in me; like Jane Austen. I was on a bit of a research bender researching the Fitzwilliam Darcys and Edward Cullens and Cedric Diggorys of the literary world, plus looking at photos on Pinterest of 1800s men in order to jumpstart plot lines for some ideas floating in my head. I use Pinterest to plot many aspects of my life, from outfits and vintage clothing I aspire to recreate, to collecting historical photos and artefacts to use to authenticate my fiction writing.


I did not sleep that night (as I write this the day after, my eyes are burning with fatigue) so I again used the YouTube app to play soporific ASMR videos.

O’er ‘n’ out.


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