Media Use Day 3

On Wednesday my media use was again limited. I was home sick from uni with a migraine and bad vision while trying to complete an assignment, so the following media use was curtailed from what it could have been:

In the morning I checked Facebook, Instagram and YouTube when I woke up to check on current affairs and put on a video to play while I did some exercise. After that I continued using the YouTube app to watch a movie while I made breakfast, then I logged onto my computer to use the RMIT library database and access my student emails. I went onto Snapchat a few times whenever someone sent me a photo. Whenever I send Snapchats I use my iPhone 6 and usually take a new photo each time rather than upload from my camera roll.

Later in the day I used the Facebook Messenger app to whinge with some classmates about an assignment. This is a form of catharsis as it helps to know other people are going through the same thing and think the same way about aspects of a course we are having issues with. It’s not Networked Media, don’t worry.

Late at night before bed, I remembered to make a Facebook post for my friend’s 20th birthday (I had rung her when I woke up but had yet to do the customary embarrassing post on social media). I chose 24 mainly less-than-flattering photos of my friend and posted them with a short message. I chose photos that she had sent me from Snapchat that I screenshot, photos I had taken on my phone and photos other people had sent to me of her. I was careful in my curation of these photos; not to include any of her tattoos or any really inappropriate photos in order to protect her reputation and protect her from the disapproval of anti-tattoo parents!


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