Media Use Day 5

I’m so busy I barely remembered to write this.

My media use was very sparse on Friday. I got up and did the brief rounds on Facebook and YouTube to see what was up, and then I got ready and went to my internship. I mainly used iMessage to send messages to my family members during the day. Once, I used my company computer to look up the News website and another time to show my supervisor a picture of Devine the drag queen who was the model for Ursula the Sea Witch in The Little Mermaid. I did this because it was funny and I thought she would like to see it.

On the way home I used iBooks to read Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer and then Snapchat to communicate with a couple of friends about a party I was going to.

I tiredly trudged through my homework as fast as I could, using WordPress and DuoLingo before my streak ran out. I use DuoLingo because it reminds me to practice my languages every day. I went to a party and used iMessage to text my mum and nonna, and I used a Polaroid camera on my friends to print out real photos to add to the party decor. I got my friend’s boyfriend to take a photo on my actual iPhone of me and the friend so I could upload it to Facebook because I don’t see her often and I miss her so I cherish when I can see her!

I later used Facebook to communicate my thanks after the party.


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