Analysis – Evidence #notagoodpickupline

Over the last week, every night I wrote a blog post detailing my media use for the previous day. I noticed some patterns evolving in my media use; that I prefer to do most of it on my phone, that most media I use is accessible on (or only on) my phone, and that I have a 3:2 ratio for my app use morning and evening. In the morning I use Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube without fail; at night before bed I tend towards Pinterest and YouTube.

I do use Snapchat and Facebook at bedtime too, but I use them more continuously throughout the day than I do YouTube or Pinterest.

I used iMessage and Facebook Messenger very frequently in my day-to-day life, sometimes even talking to the same person via text and Messenger; but carrying on two different lines of conversation. I use Safari a lot because I am always curious about something, it’s very easy to flick open a browser window in my phone to look something up if I’m out and about or can’t be bothered to open my laptop or need to know something quickly. However, I do wildly prefer a laptop interface when using Google Chrome or Safari. YouTube I don’t like as much on iPhone because you can’t move to a different tab or else your audio/visual content shuts off. On laptop I can operate on different tabs and windows whilst playing a YouTube video in the background which is more convenient.

It was difficult to find new things to write about every day; I did a lot of grumbling about using Google Docs for an assignment, and tried to focus on different apps’ usages on different days. I found I had more success with this approach when trying to flesh out a post.

I had to set an alarm to go off nightly to remind me to write and post a blog entry prior to 12am, which failed after day 3 or 4. I wrote directly into WordPress, banged out the post in 10-15 minutes and linked it to my Google Doc as soon as I had finished it; set on public.


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