Analysis 2

I often don’t put much thought into the effort behind maintaining an online media presence. I think this is why I stay off Instagram aside from to check a few people; I grow jealous that I can’t attain the same following as others can and so I

Effective Instagram use involves hashtags, timing, careful curation of content and consideration of your publics/ audiences, just like any Public Relations message (as I learn studying that discipline). The problem on that is that I don’t have a strong personal brand – my interests and activities, and therefore what I post, are so widely varying that it’s hard to find an aesthetic that suits them all. People who can get away with this kind of posting are those mega-celebrities who don’t care whether they have followers or not; I suppose.

I decided to take the following approach to my using Instagram, from what I have observed: I post a photo making sure that it sorta-kinda fits in with the overall appearance of my most recent 10 photos [pacing them like this I can slowly change my look over time without shocking anyone], hashtag it as much as possible, and don’t define what I do in my Bio, so that people follow me because of my face and name and to solve the mystery – the confusing mystery – of exactly who I am and what I do. #AirOfMystique


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