Media Use day 6 or 7

So! We are here!

On Sunday morning I woke up and realised that I had forgotten to set an alarm for work, but no matter because I woke up 20 minutes early anyway. Back to Facebook and Snapchat and YouTube this morning to check what’s going on.

During and after breakfast I used Google Drive and Facebook Messenger to cram in work on an assignment, and on the way to work I used iBooks to continue reading the downloaded draft of Midnight Sun. I read it under the desk at work for a while before using the company websites to search for dresses for a customer who rang up exactly a minute before the official opening time (grr). Sometimes we use our phones to Google dresses if we haven’t the faintest idea what they’re talking about.

Facebook also got used to post in a fan group for the brand I work at, stating that I was working in the outlet today so did anybody want me to hunt down old styles for them? This sometimes spikes revenue for the day. I used iMessage to respond to my aunt who wanted me to look for a pair of shoes in the shop next door to me.

In the evening I went on Instagram but I still haven’t found anything this week that I feel like posting. I did however find a few images I liked, and curate them in my Saved folder on Instagram so I can pick them and repost them to my page when I have an appropriate situation. I was particularly taken by a photo of Miss Piggy (yes the Muppet) reclining on a tufted bed in a feather robe, originally posted by @lady_petrova.

I went on Pinterest in the evening and DuoLingo as I did stretches before bed. I was up until 1am working on an assignment using Google Docs and Facebook Messenger.

I used Facebook Messenger to create a group chat with some friends to discuss a present for my best friend’s 21st. I also used it to rejig postponed plans with a friend to go see Beauty and the Beast.



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