Media Use Day 6? 7?

Okay so here’s lucky that I remembered to write the post again. I had an alarm set on my phone for half the week but girl’s busy, ya know? I use the Alarm system on my iPhone, although once I did use a Sleep Cycle app to track what times I should go to sleep to make getting up easier. I have lifelong sleep issues.

Okay soo, on Saturday morning I woke up late and halfheartedly checked Facebook and YouTube while exercising. I do this mainly out of habit and because I follow a few people and channels on those apps whom I know will have posted new content overnight.

I went to work from 10am-6pm (On a Saturday yes #joy) and I used Snapchat several times throughout my shift, mainly to perk myself up, to communicate rants about frustrating customers, and to have a bit of fun. I also used iBooks, the app, again, while eating breakfast, travelling to and from work, and during my shift when I was bored. I’m just obsessed with this Midnight Sun draft. I wish Meyer would release a finished copy.

I used my employer’s websites and email systems to search for garments for customers during the day. At night I went to my ex’s house for a Free House, except somehow I ended up being the only guest that showed up. So I hung out with him and his little sister…just like old times. As a way to find an outlet for my awkward feeling of this at one point, I opened my phone and scrolled through Facebook, iMessage, Snapchat and my camera roll, with the aim of looking and feeling busy.

Late at night, just before bed, I was on YouTube and Pinterest again searching for nice things to look at and listen to in order to ward off anxiety that usually hits before bedtime. That’s the reason I used social media around bedtime. I find it helps to draw me back into the real world with people in it, rather than my over-active imagination and projections. I’m so used to having panic attacks before bed that I automatically use the remedy before the malady.

I’ve been using Google Docs and Library to work on an assignment still, and I’ve been talking to my group mates for the assignment on Facebook Messenger all day.


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