Media Use Day 2

On Tuesday, my media use was quite boring because I was stressed about a different assignment. I did the usual quick rounds on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, but did not spend a very long time during the day going through the sites. I checked every now and then in a quiet moment. I practised my Italian, German and Dutch language skills on the DuoLingo app, and used the YouTube app to play a video to go to sleep on.

I considered uploading a photo to Instagram but I decided against it because I couldn’t find a nice enough photo. I tagged my Nonna on Facebook in a video about funny goats. In the middle of the night I used a site on my laptop on Google Chrome and began streaming Aladdin (1992) – and reminded myself that I really want to see the musical when it comes to Melbourne!

It was a quiet day for authoring so I didn’t really post any new content aside from using WordPress in my Networked Media class.

I tagged my Nonna on the funny goats Facebook video because I wanted her to see them; I often tag her in videos because she thinks they’re as funny as I do. And because I spend a lot of time with her, and she knows how to use social media, I often connect with her over it. My other grandparents don’t really enter the online sphere so I connect with them in other ways.

I check Facebook and Instagram generally to see what a certain few people are up to and to leave comments supporting them. Yesterday someone strongly disagreed with a comment I left on another friend’s post and I debated whether or not to reply. I ended up not replying because I decided it wasn’t worth it and that the intended recipient had Liked and responded to my comment and knew what I meant.

YouTube videos are things that I rely upon to help me relax; a particular brand of video I find very beneficial to send me to sleep and they are quite addictive so I sometimes go through binge periods. One of my favourite content creator posted a new video yesterday so I watched it before and after I watched Aladdin.



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