Day 1 Online Media Use

On Monday, I:

  1. Surfed Pinterest to look up ‘1700s children clothing’ and pin some other different interests. I use Pinterest for visual stimulation for my creativity and to find images that help me when I just feel like daydreaming.
  2. Used YouTube to watch old episodes of Madeline, watch an American Girl movie and relaxation videos to go to sleep. I watched Madeline and the American Girl movie because I was in a stressed sad mood and felt like returning to my childhood.
  3. I posted on Facebook to talk to my friends, discuss when we were going out and post a photo in a yellow face mask. I debated whether or not to post the photo; which I took on the Snapchat App on my iPhone 6 and then saved to my camera roll. I decided to post it because it was the same face mask I’d mention to a friend at work who was interested about it, so I tagged her.
  4. Instagram – posted a couple of photos and commented/liked/saved other photos.
  5. Used the DuoLingo app to study German, Italian and Dutch.
  6. Used Google Mail for three separate accounts – uni, spam account and professional. I replied to a response via PayPal that I sent to a vendor from whom I am awaiting goods.
  7. Used Google Chrome to access E-Commerce sites. I bought some doll-making kits from Puppen-Traumland which is a German supply site.
  8. Used Facebook Messenger to communicate to uni friends about assignments.
  9. Sent people 5,000 Snapchats of me in a yellow face mask because I wanted the attention and I thought I looked funny.
  10. Used Squarespace to try and create content but my free trial ran out so I had to debate whether to continue. I had previously been blogging about Pride and Prejudice.
  11. Fought my way through RMIT Library Search to find material for research for my mini-thesis proposal.
  12. Used the iTunes app to purchase and download music because I love the Arctic Monkeys.
  13. Downloaded the Shebah ride-sharing app because my nonna wants me to use it instead of Uber particularly because she knows the woman who began it.



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