Readings Week 2

The readings this week summarised the essence of what blogging is and the evolution of online networking literacy; juxtaposed in relation to print literacy in a way that clearly provides a distinction to the reader on how network literacy is not merely knowing how things operate, nor the entire history behind them, but participating.

Participation is an important part of becoming network literate as content is not only created and distributed by others but by their tagging and sorting of it, but it is also able to be found and responded to and added to by one’s own participation, and vice versa. Networking is all about links, and a kind of writing that is a ‘social, collaborative’ process where people can respond to blog posts, categorise information, link one platform to another in order to more accurately and directly share relevant parts of the same content to the most relevant audiences.

Networks are akin to pen and paper in that they are enabling technology.

Within the blogging medium there are subtypes of blogs, different genres and styles; with Marie-Laure Ryan explaining how blogging may be considered genre or medium equally depending on the angle – ‘hypertext…is a genre if we view it as a type of text, but it is a (sub) medium if we regard it as an electronic tool for the organization of text’.

Blogs generally consist of regular short posts, many allow and encourage readers to respond in the comments section, and even more use links to describe other content. Myself at the moment being highly interested in the works of Jane Austen and Regency fashion, have been perusing many blogs that do just such a thing, such as this one.



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